First Visit at Jacksonville Sport & Spine

First Visit

Welcome to Jacksonville Sport & Spine!

Your initial chiropractic consultation with Jacksonville Sport & Spine will be similar to that of a standard medical exam. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and answer a few questions about your health history, including any complaints you have at this time. When you arrive for your initial consultation, we ask that you have the following items with you:

Photo ID

Insurance Card

Claim Number (Auto Accident)

Recent Imaging Reports (MRI, X-Rays)

To expedite the process, we also request that you download our New Patient Paperwork and complete the form before arriving for your first visit.

How Much Time Will It Take?

The first visit to our Orange Park chiropractic office typically takes about 90 minutes; this includes 20 minutes to complete your paperwork (if you didn’t download our forms), 30 minutes for your exam and consultation, and 30 minutes for your initial treatment. In general, most wait times are 15 minutes or less.

What Happens During the Exam?

Your chiropractor will start with a routine physical exam, during which he will take a closer look at your spine and any areas of specific concern. The physical exam typically involves a variety of assessments, such as:

Range of motion tests

Reflex testing

Muscle strength comparisons

Specific tests focused on the area of concern

Following your exam, your chiropractor will review the results with you and make recommendations for your specific treatment plan.

How many treatments will I need?

At Jacksonville Sport & Spine, we do not use a cookie-cutter approach; each patient is unique, so your treatment plan will be based on the extent of your injuries and your expected healing time. The following guidelines, however, will give you an idea of how many treatments may be required.

Acute sprain/strain injury – approximately 6-12 visits

Chronic condition – approximately 12-36 visits

Whiplash, neurologic conditions like sciatica or disc herniation – approximately 18-48 visits, varying in time from 3 months to a year

Schedule an Appointment Today!

For your convenience, our Orange Park chiropractic office is open early and late hours Monday through Saturday. We accept all insurance coverage, and we are experienced with auto accident insurance claims. Please contact your insurance carrier (check for a 1-800 number on back of your card) to determine the extent of your coverage, or let one of our insurance specialists provide a benefits check for you. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please request an appointment online or call 904-375-2308. We look forward to helping soon.